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Everyone knows that the most exotic way to travel is by cruise boat. Imagine waking up in the morning with a beautiful view of the open blue ocean or another country or island you have never seen before!

Eilat Point - Water Sport 

Most of the sports which are commonly found in Eilat are naturally enough, water sports; but there is also an array of other sporting activities, which combine challenge with enjoyment.

The conditions which prevail in Eilat most days of the year - a pleasant climate, a calm sea and steady winds - favor experienced and amateur sports lovers alike, and will help you to enjoy a variety of activities unique to Eilat and its environs.

The Gulf of Eilat offers plenty of marine and land sports. Both sports lovers and those who enjoy experiencing new and exciting things will find in Eilat a large number of sports clubs, which supply the necessary equipment, instruction and supervision.


The Red Sea and the reefs along its coasts are considered among the loveliest and most fascinating diving areas in the entire world. The lovely undersea views of the Gulf of Eilat will fulfill the heart's desire of any diving enthusiast.

The city's diving clubs provide a wide range of services to divers, from intensive diving courses for beginners interested in obtaining an international license, to organized cruises to selected diving sites.

These clubs also rent and sell diving equipment which is among the most advanced in the world. 

The inexperienced who are nonetheless interested in seeing the silent world of Eilat have a choice of three options: Snorkeling, Personal introductory dive or "Snuba". Further information below of page.

The system is simple: the air tanks remain on a small boat and the air reaches the diver through the six meter long air tube, at the end of which there is a regulator. During the course of the dive, the boat follows the divers. The dive takes place in the coral reserve with one instructor for every two divers


The Gulf of Eilat is the ideal place for windsurfing, and the annual A.S.A. international windsurfing competition is held here every year. In the last few years, since the signing of the peace agreement with Jordan, there have been Jordanian participants in the championship as well as the neighboring city of Aqaba also hosts the participants. The northerly wind which blows here almost all year round, creates a calm sea and the ideal conditions for windsurfing. If you have never tried this exciting sport, you can do it here with the help of the experienced instructors of the windsurfing clubs and some of the rental stations.

If you are an experienced surfer, you can rent a board or use your own. But remember, the wind knows no boundaries. If you get too far off shore you are liable to find yourself outside of the territorial waters of Israel. If you are interested in a "dry glide", you're invited to visit the air gliding facility, the "Airodium", which is located behind the Riviera Hotel.


No less exciting a sport is parasailing - a parachute attached to a speedboat, with which you can "fly" out of the water, safely and securely attached to the boat, and observe your surroundings from the air.
In the past, the take off point for the parasailing was on the beach with a "wet landing" into sea. Today, both the take off and lending are on the speedboat. that way, you can even wear a suite and tie and the operators promise you that you'll stay dry!

Water Skiing

Along the beaches of Eilat are number of rental stations for speedboats, pedal boats, sea cycles and surfboards. From these stations you can also go out water-skiing in the calm waters of the Gulf, or ride a "banana" - a sort of inflatable pillow ridden by four people and pulled over the water behind a speedboat.

Sports Clubs

Several hotels offer tennis and squash courts and health clubs, which contain Jacuzzis, saunas and even a professional masseur. Most of these facilities are open to the public. Even those not staying at the hotels can enjoy the clubs for a fee. It is advisable to verify details by telephone.

Swimming and sunbathing

If you prefer to indulge in the "traditional" Eilat sports - swimming and sunbathing - you are invited to any of the many beaches scattered along the shore line. 
All beaches in Eilat feature a snack bar, bar or restaurant, lounge chairs and a pleasant atmosphere. Some beaches offer towels, sunglasses, suntan lotions and other swimming/tanning accessories for sale.

Where tanning is concerned, caution is more than advisable. Too prolonged an exposure to the sun, especially for the light-skinned, can cause both short-and long-term damage. Try to expose yourself to the sun gradually, for brief periods at first, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon, and protect your skin with suitable preparations. Ensure that the preparation you buy has been approved by the Israel Ministry of Health and has an adequate sunscreen factor.
Wearing a hat and sunglasses may also make sunbathing safer: and, most importantly - drink a lot.

Too many tourists every year finish their vacation in a hospital emergency room suffering from dehydration. Even if you think you aren't losing fluid, you should know that in Eilat sunshine, that's practically impossible.


The system is simple: the air tanks remain on a small inflatable raft and the air reaches the diver through a six meter long air line, at the end of which there is a regulator. During the course of the dive, the raft follows the divers. The dive takes place at the “caves reef” (part of the open coral reserve) with one instructor for every two divers.  It is a family activity suitable for anyone who is over 8 years old and in good health.  SNUBA is located at the South Beach opposite the “Caves Reef’,  a very beautiful  shallow  reef, rich in fish and corals. There is also SNORKELING equipment rental and sales on site.